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I created my first website back in 1998. I had recently qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and wanted to build out my complementary therapy practice.  I decided to have a go at putting a website together to promote myself and build some local awareness of the services I offered.

When websites generated sales

At the time, if I googled ‘hypnotherapy’, I would get back a couple of thousand results, which made it easy for me to get my site ranked highly on the first page.  Entering the same search criteria into Google today returns over 19 million results. That’s a lot of noise which means you have to shout pretty loud in order to be heard.

The rise of funnels

Funnels now are what websites were back then. They guide your visitors through a process that will hopefully convert them from a casual browser to a repeat customer.  Funnels don’t just have to be used for sales, although typically that is the end result. They could be used to get somebody to register for a newsletter or to attend a webinar.  There are loads of different types of funnels, and I will take you through the most common ones as well as show you how to put them together.

I’ll also show you some tips and pitfalls when creating your own funnels as well as show you who the main providers are for these services.

So let’s get started by looking precisely what a sales funnel is.

Let’s start by looking at an offline sales funnel.

Let’s imagine that we want to buy some flowers from a local florist.

We may start by finding their advert in the local paper and then going down to the store to look in the window at the types of bouquets they have on offer.

If we like what we see we enter the shop to be greeted by the florist themselves.  The florist would then walk us through the various bouquet options helping us choose the one we want.

Once we’ve done that they will offer us some upgrades such as some special plant food to keep the flowers looking fresher for longer, perhaps a sturdy box to protect them in transit or how about a premium quality card to go with them.

In the Sales and Marketing world, these upgrades are often called Upsells, and these are one of the greatest opportunities to maximise the profit made for each sale.

An online funnel follows a very similar principle and is typically made up of a set of linked pages with some kind of Call To Action.

Some websites and nothing more than a sales funnel.  Nearly every advert on social media will link to some kind of funnel.

Once we’ve got our prospective customer browsing our site or clicking out advert we want to drive them to take action (such as make a purchase or subscribe to our newsletter) but also try to upsell them when we can.  We need to be careful with this though as people don’t like to feel like they are being sold to. Remember also that any upsells should complement the original purchase.

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