Working from home? You need to dress for success

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Running your own business from home has so many wonderful benefits. You can work to your own daily schedule, you gain quality time with the family and most importantly you are your own boss. It’s important to set your working hours so that you don’t overdo it while sticking to a routine, but have you thought about what you wear when working from home? What you choose to wear can have a huge impact on your productivity and attitude to the working day. Below we explore why you need to dress for success when working from home. 

Don’t stay in your pyjamas

You may be tempted to stay in your pyjamas or lounge pants when you work from home, but doing so could damage your business and profits. Staying in your pyjamas can also make it too tempting to switch that TV on for half an hour or to sit and read a magazine, as you are too comfortable and relaxed. Wearing your pyjamas can subconsciously slow your thought processes and make you less focused on your work. So, stay away from pyjamas during your working day.

Clothes and productivity

There is a strong link between what you wear and productivity. When you wear a shirt and tie or put on a pencil skirt and heels, not only do you feel like a professional, but you are also dressed for a day of work. You should treat working from your home office, or the kitchen table, in just the same way as you would dress for a day in the city. This will not only give you more confidence, but you’ll stay on task and get more work done. 

Be mentally prepared for work

Choose your work wardrobe with care, and only wear these clothes for your working day. Keep clothes simple and slightly lose, so that they are practical and comfortable. The most important aspect to consider is that these clothes make you feel like a professional and that you feel ready to face a full day of work. Good choices include a smart shirt or blouse, tailored trousers, shift dresses and smart shoes. 

Dress for success when you work from home.

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