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Why Your Workspace Matters

Working from home isn’t always easy. Whether you’re freelance, self-employed or working from home as part of a flexible working arrangement, you have to find the motivation and self-discipline to put in the hours and not get distracted by everything around you. One of the best ways to develop that strong, work-focused mentality is to have a dedicated office space.

Having a separate office space helps you draw a dividing line between ‘home’ and ‘work’, meaning you’re less likely to stray from the task in hand. Sitting at the living room table or perched on the edge of your bed isn’t ideal, as these are probably places you like to relax and that can affect your approach to work. Perhaps more importantly, not setting up a well-planned workspace can have long term health implications.

Looking after your body

When you work in a ‘proper’ office, the company will have taken extra steps in order to protect the health and wellbeing of their employees. That could mean buying in the most comfortable seating, adjusting desk heights to improve posture and ensuring lighting levels are adequate so staff aren’t straining their eyes.

Working from home it’s probably tempting to simply slob in a living room chair with your laptop on your knees, but that could do some serious damage in the long run. Poor posture leads to all sorts of issues, including back pain and repetitive strain injury if you’re constantly using a mouse or keyboard at an awkward angle. 

People who work from home often end up working well beyond the standard 9-5, as it can be difficult to leave work behind, particularly if you’re self-employed. Working longer hours and not taking enough breaks can exacerbate these physical problems, and could also affect your eyesight if the light is poor and you spend long hours staring at a screen.

Designing your office

Designing a separate home office means making sure you get the correct furniture. A proper desk, preferably adjustable, and a comfortable office chair are a must if you want to improve your posture and not get distracted by aches and pains. You should also think about investing in a strong desk lamp to ensure you aren’t straining your eyes when you put in long hours.

Buying the right sort of office furniture doesn’t have to be difficult or costly, and it will be more than worth the money if it’s helping to protect your physical health. Having that separate space can also benefit your mental wellbeing because it draws a clear distinction between the spaces you relax in and those which you associate with work. Being able to ‘leave the office’ at the end of a day and unwind with family is important in getting that work/life balance right.

Self-discipline is an incredibly difficult art to master, but having a well-designed office can really help in that battle. By getting the right office furniture and customising your home office, you’ll find everything else naturally falls into place and you can become a happier and more productive worker.

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